Sex In Water Story – Fucked By Boss’s Business Partner

In Sex in Water Story, read how an unknown man saw me lick my pussy at the swimming pool. How did I kiss her? Have fun

Enjoy my pussy chudai in the second part of Boss Se Chudai Ki Meri Kahani.

first part of the story
nude in front of unknown man
I read that I was alone in the swimming club. When I started getting excited, I started rubbing my nipples while lying on the bed and started fingering my pussy.
Then a young man came there. When I told her about my exhaustion, she told me to give me an oil massage and I agreed.

First he massaged my back, mashed my buttocks and then massaged my waist from the front, then he stopped.

Now on to the sex in water story:

When our eyes met after the massage stopped, I smiled and looked at him.
I put a hand on my teat and said sensually – hey why did you leave them? You were saying that you would massage my whole body.

He started saying in astonishing way – but I thought you would not like it… Girls are shy aren’t they!

I grabbed his hand and put it on my teat.
I said – I am not like others… You said that there is no one around here and no one will come. What have you booked?

He slowly started running his hand on my teat.
I said – it’s fun now… don’t be shy… do it properly.

Then he picked up the vial of oil and poured some oil on my chest.
While pouring the oil he said- Ha…ha…I will show the magic of my hands!

Saying this, he spread the oil that he had put on my chest, with his hands, as many of my mums as I could see, spread it everywhere.
First he massaged the upper part of my chest with both hands and then slowly started moving down.

Now his hands were running on the protruding part of my breasts which were outside my bra. While massaging on the nipples, he was also pressing them in between. Now if a man is massaging a woman’s nipples, then how can he live without pressing them.

I was also excited then, I did not protest. Rather, she closed her eyes and started enjoying the touch of her hand on my mummies.

I am sure she must be thinking the same time that ‘I can’t believe that she is letting me play with her nipples’. She is an amazing sexy woman.

Soon I felt his hands coming down and I could feel his hand on top of my bra. I opened my eyes and started to see his hands walking on my nipples. He pressed my teat two or three times from the top of my bra.

I said in my mind – what is he doing? caressing and pressing my nipples.

Then suddenly he put his hand in from under my bra. As soon as he entered inside, his hands began to caress my nipples.

I told him- uh Ramesh…don’t do that. This is not right.
He replied to me – now you don’t stop me. It was you who said that do your work properly, I am doing the same.

I said – but I did not ask you to kiss the nipples?
Ramesh- Your nipples are so beautiful that I can’t stop myself.

Saying this he pressed both my nipples with the thumbs of both hands; Due to which I started getting drunk.

He pressed my nipples and said – take me off your bra so that I can give you better fun.
I told him- oh…Ramesh…don’t play with my chicks like this. I’m getting excited.

Then on seeing, he took his hand on my back and untied the hook of my bra.

He was doing all this so fast that I could not stop him.
And then I had become so hot that now I wanted his cock.

Taking off my bra, he threw it down and started sucking on one teat with his mouth and started pressing the other teat with his hand.

Sucking on the teat, she said – Your nipples are really very sensitive and delicious.

I was getting even more agitated then at the thought that a young man was sucking my tits in a swimming club.

While sucking the nipples, he said- Mmmm… Your nipples are very soft, creeper!
I started thinking – oh my god, why am I letting this young man suck my tits in the swimming club.

He was sucking my nipples mercilessly. Was teasing my nipple with his tongue.

After drinking my teats for some time, he moved upwards.
Looking into my eyes he said – Lata, I had never thought that I would find a wonderful woman like you here.
I said – it is the same with me. Now I am yearning to take your cock in my pussy.

After saying this, our lips met and we started kissing wildly. I was very fond of his lips on my lips.

We kissed each other for about a minute.

When he removed his lips from my lips, he said – I am lucky that I came here and I found you.
I also replied – same is the case with me too.

Then pressing my nipples once with both hands, he stood up and came near my face.
I said looking at him – take off your pants now! I want to see your cock.

He said- My cock is also yearning to come out now.
Then he took off the shorts he was wearing and his cock jumped with a jerk.

His cock was about six and a half inches. There were a few sparks too.
As soon as his cock came in front of me, I held it in my hand.
I said – your cock is very big.

Saying this, I caressed his cock a little, removed the skin from the cap of the cock and moved the skin back and forth once or twice.
Then I took my mouth to his cock and I said – you have served my body well, now I want to serve your cock.

Saying this, I put my lips on the cap of his cock. First I kissed Tope and then slowly sucking, took the cock inside the mouth.
I started sucking as soon as the cock went in my mouth.

Ramesh grabbed my head and started pressing on the cock.
He said- ahhh…Lata…your soft lips are giving a lot of fun to my cock.

I was also enjoying sucking his cock. The smell and taste of his cock was great. While taking it in the mouth, his entire cock went into my mouth and I started having fun bathing his cock with the saliva of my mouth.

It was as if he had gone mad while sucking the cock. Aahh… creeper… ooh… suck… and out loud baby… ahh… words were coming out of his mouth.
These words made me even more excited.

After sucking his cock for 3-4 minutes, he said – Ahh Lata… Maybe I am going to leave now.
I took out the cock from my mouth and said – Hitting a pitcher in my mouth. I want to drink every drop of your semen.

After saying this, I held the cock in my hand and started moving my tongue on it from outside.
This made him more intoxicated.

Suddenly his cock started jerking. I again stuffed his cock in my mouth.
“Ohhh…Lata…I’m missing out…Ahhhhh… take this!” Saying this he started releasing his semen stream.
Every drop of his semen was falling on my tongue.

In no time his cock put all his stuff in my mouth.
I drank his semen and said – Mmm… I have not licked so delicious till today. Had fun.

After giving me his semen, he got down in the water.
He said- Lata…the game has just started. Have you ever kissed in water? come!

I stood up too. Putting my hand in my panties, I said – Hmm… good idea.
Saying this, I threw off my panties in a jiffy.

For the first time he had a vision of my light haired dusky pussy.

I spread my legs a little more so that he could see my whole pussy.
As soon as I saw my pussy, his eyes fixed on her.

I asked how am I looking?
Ramesh- You are looking amazing.

I got down in the water and stood in front of him.

Then we were standing in so much water that I was in the water only till the top of the pussy.

Ramesh put one hand on my waist, the other hand on my nipple and started kissing me.
I also started supporting him completely.

He started caressing my teat and his other hand was now walking on my ass.

Our kissing went on for a long time and after that we both started playing with each other’s body.

Ramesh held both my teats in his hands and then while pressing one, filled one in his mouth and started sucking.

I also did not lag behind, I grabbed his cock and started chugging.

For about 5-7 minutes we kept squeezing each other’s body. While playing with my body, his cock became full body.

After the cock became full body, he turned me. I rested my hands on the edge of the pool and leaned a little.

He was behind me. He stuck to me and started rubbing his excited cock on my pussy.
He said – I have been coming here for many years but have not seen a more sexy woman than you.

He was being rubbed his cock in my pussy. I was suffering a lot because of this.
I told him – stop talking and put a cock in the pussy and fuck me. Why are you suffering?

Then he rested his cock on the hole of my pussy and in the first stroke, the cap of the cock was inserted inside.
A long ‘ahhh’ came out of my mouth. Slowly he put his entire cock in my pussy and started playing my pussy from behind.

He grabbed my bum and started fucking me like crazy. I was having a lot of fun with this sex in water.

While choking my pussy, he said – till now I have not done better pussy than this.
Then he made me stand upright, grabbed my nipples and then I turned my face and then he started kissing me.

After kissing, he bowed me back and again started licking my pussy from behind.
I was having a lot of fun getting him to kiss my pussy.

I started saying- yes… ahhhh… just like that… ooh… fuck… out loud… fuck me!
He told me- ahhh… it’s a different pleasure to fuck the pussy from behind.

I was standing leaning on the edge of the pool and Ramesh was fucking my pussy with full force.
I said with hissing – Ohhh Ramesh … fuck me … more loudly … ahh … tear my pussy today!

He put a flat on my bum and said – next time I will kill your ass.

After fucking like this for some time, he said – I want to fuck you in every way today. Walk around, Lata!
I said- yes Ramesh… now I come over you, then fuck me.

When I turned around, he grabbed me by the butts, lifted me in my lap and then started choking by putting cocks.
Ahhhhh… what fun it was!

He was putting me up and down in his lap and putting cock in my pussy; My nipples were rubbing against his chest.

After fucking like this for some time, he brought me down and put a cock in my pussy while standing.

He lifted one of my legs with one hand so that his whole cock started going into my pussy.

It was also having a lot of fun while getting such pussy chugging.
I then told him- ohhh Ramesh…ahhh keep on fucking like this. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhlier than than to than to than the than to than to i need i

Then he had sex standing for more than five minutes.
Then he took me out of the pool and made me sit on the ground and came out himself.

There he made me lie down on the shore and then himself came on top of me.
He set his cock on my pussy and then his cock pierced the lips of my pussy and entered inside.

He was on top of me, he grabbed one of my teats and started pressing.
The fight was going on between my pussy and his cock below.

He started saying – I wish I could fuck your tight pussy everyday!
I said- oh yes…we will keep on meeting. If you want, you can also invite me to your house.

After that, about two minutes more he kissed my pussy and then said – ohhh … looks like I am going to leave again.
I immediately said – fill me with your semen. Hit the pitcher in the depths of my pussy.

Within no time his semen started coming out.
He penetrated the cock completely inside and started hitting the atomizer.
By taking his semen in my pussy, I was very relieved and my tiredness was completely gone.

He kept the cock in my pussy for some time.
I told him – it’s been wonderful… maybe we’ll meet soon.

Then he kissed me and we both parted.

I cleaned my pussy with a towel, then went to the changing room and wore a sari.
We gave our numbers to each other and then took off saying to meet soon.

After reaching home, I first took a shower and then wearing the same bikini put the gown on top.

I cooked.

Pooran came in the night. As soon as he came, I took off the gown.
Then he just fell on me.

He did not agree and as soon as he came, he did a round first.
Then we ate food barefoot.

After that that night he licked my pussy for three rounds and kicked two rounds of ass.

After the kiss, my pussy ass started hurting.
I did both the piercings earlier in the morning.

Then Pooran dropped me till the factory and left.

Around 2 o’clock in the afternoon I got a call from Puran’s office.
The receptionist said – Your new boss wants to meet you and he has asked you to say that a surprise is waiting for you.

I wondered how surprised I was going to be.

I first met Puran after reaching Puran’s office.
Asked him why your brother has called me but he said that he does not know anything, go and find out.

Panicked, I reached the cabin of the new boss, Puran’s brother, and knocked on the door.
A voice came from inside – come in.

When I reached inside I was stunned.
Ramesh was sitting on the boss’s chair. That is, my new boss and Puran’s brother was none other than Ramesh.

Out of my mouth – you … a … a … you?
He said- Yes… I am Ramesh… your new boss.

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