My Stepmother’s Adventures

I was raised by my stepmother. But then one day I came to know something that after that I also became a part of it. What was that truth?

Hello friends.
I am Ankita. Once again I have brought another story for you.

Before starting today’s story, let me tell you that even before this my story has been published. Readers who are new are my previous story
Mother and daughter run business by stealth
can read.

Today I will tell you what kind of woman my mother is.
Readers who are old will know that my mother is a very chubby woman. She also writes her sex stories on this Hindi sex story site.

My purpose of writing the story is to tell her that seeing the path on which she is walking, I have also caught that path.
When she reads my story, she will come to know that children learn everything by watching their parents.

Now let me start today’s talk. Friends, we are two sisters in the house but we are step-steps. Anjali is our mother and she is my stepmother. When I was young, my real mother had passed away.

After that my father married Anjali mother. He also had a daughter with him. The father also accepted his daughter as his own daughter.

Our family members did not like Papa’s second marriage and the family stopped speaking to Papa. Now our Anjali mother was like family to us.

But in my destiny, the happiness of mother and father was not written together. After a year of marriage, father had an accident and he passed away. The family members did not come even on his death.

One of the reasons for this was also that Anjali mother had filled my father’s ears against the family members. Papa had completely ended the relationship with the family. Now we are two sisters and my stepmother, this was our family.

After that mother brought us to another city. After coming here, we took a house on rent. Then she started looking for a job to meet the expenses. Soon he got a job in a factory.

Mother got both of us sisters admitted in government school. School fees were also low and the expenses of government school were also very less. Both of us also beat our hearts and thought that from where mother would bring such fees.

Then our days began to pass. One year passed while working for mother. The household expenses could not be met by the mother’s job. Then the mother left her job and started cooking from house to house and the fate of our house changed.

At that time I did not understand, but I remember very well the day when my mother took a touch screen phone while doing household chores within three months. He soon got our school changed too and got us admitted in a private school.

Then the people around started talking slowly. Some things started going on about the mother but both of us sisters never paid any attention to it.

But after a few days again the landlord came to us one day and started asking us to vacate the house. Mother did not say anything in front of him. Then she once went to him and did not know what he talked about that after that the landlord became silent.

Now he used to come to our house anytime. Mother was also on the phone all the time. I don’t know who she used to talk to. Then the time passed by looking at it like this. After 2 years we left that house and moved to another house.

Both of us sisters started growing young fast and soon another 5-6 years passed. Now both the sisters were young. I started taking care of the house. My school was over.

Now we had enough money and we took our own house. There was a two room house which was far away from the city. From the time we went to that house, some man used to come to it on the same day.

Going inside with those men, the mother used to come out after an hour and a half. Now I had many questions in my mind. When I started asking, my mother said that there are people of new jobs. come for the meeting.

I got admission in college again. One day it was my half day of college and I came home early. I came to my room and lay down. One key was with me and one with my sister. Mother used to keep a key.

After sometime my sister also came. She slept in her room. By that time I was awake. After half an hour the mother also came. But a man’s voice was also heard with him.

I got up and saw that there was a police officer. Mother took him to her room after asking for water. Now I can’t stay. I came out secretly and stood by my ears near my mother’s room.

Seeing the sight inside made me breathless. Mother was wearing jeans and a top. Mom’s chicks looked very fat in the white top. That policeman was pressing tightly to mom.

Also, he was kissing mom. Looking down, mom’s hand was on her pants and she was caressing his cock with her hand. Both were being kissed to each other.

Then he released the lips and started licking in mom’s boobs. Now he was pressing mom’s ass. The mother was now taking hissings – ahhhhh…

Then she raised Mom’s top and the bra started showing. He broke on the bra and started pressing hard on the top of mom’s teat bra. Mother started swearing. Then she took off the top and mom came only in a bra.

Now he started pressing hard on the top of the bra. Mom’s teat was very thick and big. The officer was trying to squeeze them like that. On the other hand, Mom opened the chain of his pants and gave his hand inside it.

She was caressing his cock by holding it inside. Then she untied the bra and mom’s teat became bare. Now he took the teats in his mouth and started drinking it in turn.

Mom started getting hotter now. After that he kept drinking teats for a long time and then he started opening his jeans. His jeans were stuck very tight in Mom’s fat ass.

With great difficulty, that policeman pulled out those jeans. Now mom was only in panties. As soon as he came in the panties, the policeman started caressing the mother’s pussy on the panties. Mom now hugged him tightly.

He began to caress the mother’s back with the other hand while caressing the pussy vigorously. Mom was rubbing her pussy on her hand while pushing her ass forward.

Then he dropped Mom on the bed there and pulled the panties from her legs. Mom was now lying naked on the bed with her pussy open. Now that policeman took off his shirt and then opened the pants too.

He remained in underwear and vest. After that, he spread Mom’s legs wide and started licking Mom’s pussy while sitting on his knees on the bed.

Mom sobbed loudly- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… and do more…

In this way, he licked mom’s pussy for a long time. Even after seeing this, now my pussy had become completely sticky. I had never seen such a sight before.

Then he made Mom sit back and himself stood on the edge of the bed. His cock was full taut in his kachcha. He grabbed Mom’s head and pressed it to his underwear.

Mom started catching his cock in the teeth from the top of the underwear. He loudly began to squeeze mom’s nipples. The more emphasis he put on mom’s nipples, the more he used to put mom’s teeth on his cock.

After licking cocks on underwear for some time, he removed his briefs and gave cocks in mom’s mouth. Mom started sucking him fast. She was sucking cocks as if she had never seen a cock.

Now that man took his hiss and started licking his mother’s mouth. He sucked cocks for several minutes. After that both of them lay down on the bed and became in the position of 69. At that time I did not have the knowledge of 69 but now I know everything.

Mom was also enjoying the pleasure of licking. On the other hand, he was also giving tongue to mom’s pussy. Both were eating each other like that. Then suddenly the man started stopping.

His semen had come out in mom’s mouth.
Mom got up and said – what was the hurry? Now quickly arrange to make it stand again, my pussy is on fire.

He said – Sister-in-law, have patience, I have come to tear your pussy. Once it stands up, it will run away.
Mom smiled after listening to him and said- Sir, shake this cock and stand up quickly.

The man said- Sister-in-law, if you are in such a hurry, then take it and stand up.
Then mom again started sucking his cock. She continued to lie down for ten minutes with the cock in her mouth and kept sucking.

Then when the cock came out of mom’s mouth, it was full taut.

Now he slammed the mother down and by spreading her legs, he himself came in between her legs.
He started putting cocks on mom’s pussy.

I was at the back, so I was not able to know whether he was putting the cock or putting it. Seeing the expression on the face of the mother, it seemed that he was rubbing the cock on the pussy.

Mom said – now take sex too, sir. I can’t stop now. Hurry up.
He said – Sister-in-law, Randi, if you speak more, then I will get you inside for the crime of scolding. Keep your pussy open and lie down quietly.

After that mom calmed down.

Now he lay on top of mom and started kissing her. Both started kissing again. Then he put the cock in mom’s pussy downstairs and started banging.

Then mom also hugged him.
He started kissing Mom and started making sounds of Mom ahh…ahh…. I was going to mash my pussy from the top of the lower.

Now I could hear the sound of his chudai pat… pat… till the door of the room.

I got up again and went towards my sister’s room. When I looked into her room, she was sleeping.

After that I came back again and started peeping through the hole in the door. Now mom had come up and sat on his cock and he was holding mom’s ass and tossing it up and down on his cock.

Mom was hissing while rubbing her nipples with her own hand and taking her cock in the pussy was making sounds of ah ah …
Seeing so much enthusiasm, I also felt like someone should put such a cock in my pussy.

For a long time, mom kissed on his cock and then he made mom a mare. His pussy now turned backwards and the policeman put his cock on his pussy from behind.

Now I could only see the butts of that policeman. He climbed on top of mom and started licking her like a dog. He was squeezing the nipples so tightly that mom used to scream in pain.

While kissing mom in the mare’s position, he was also slapping her ass in between. The sound of chatter…the slaps was making me even more agitated. The water in my pussy had completely wet my panties.

His thumping would have lasted for about 20 minutes. After that he started kissing at full speed and left the water in his pussy. Then both of them lay down calmly.

After that I came again from there.

But the door still didn’t open. I waited for ten minutes but no one came out.
When I went to the room again, I could hear very loud sobs from inside.

When I peeped, there was a cock in mom’s ass and that policeman was busy holding her hair and fucking her ass.

I was surprised to see mom’s assfucking.
My mom was a complete scoundrel. She could take cocks in every hole.

Then after a long time, he fell down once again. He probably threw his stuff in the ass.

Now both of them lie down tired. Then he got up and started wearing his uniform.
Mother was naked and said- Sir, cut the case that has been made. I will keep giving pussy whenever you ask.

He said- Sister-in-law, I have many scouts like you. But you are of little use. I have some MLA friends, just before them. After that I will not make your case.

Mother said – OK, I am ready to sleep with anyone.
After that the mother also put on her clothes. Now the man was preparing to go back.

Then I came from there.

Since that day many leaders and MLAs started coming to our house. Seeing this, the mother has now become a high class woman. His living habits and manners have all changed.

Now got in touch with his big leaders.

After that mother started an NGO. Under his guise, she started running the parlor. If forced women and girls came there for help, the mother would have engaged them in sex work.

In this way, now the mother’s network has become very big. There are a lot of scavengers working under him. Mother is also a very big scoundrel. He has achieved this position in his life through his hard work.

Mother has also made me an expert in this sex business. She makes me sleep with her clients. I came to know all this about the mother when I read her mail id here because I had given that ID to her.

My sister is completing her studies now. She will also engage him in the business of sex. Now you guys tell me whose fault it is. I want to read your suggestions.

Now I ask you this question to what extent is my stepmother right? Did she take the right steps for our upbringing or did she just want to enjoy the sex in her life?

This ID given below is of mother only. You send your messages on this email id so that he also knows what work he has done and what effect all these incidents had on his daughters. Thank you.

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