Meri Chut Story – Got naked in front of unknown man

Read in my chut story that I started going swimming. One day there was no one there, so I started having fun in a bikini and caressing my pussy. What happened then?

I am Lata, once again present in front of you with my cute story. Hope you like this story as much as you liked my previous stories.

It is a very exciting story but its ending may sound like a movie to you.

So I start my sex story without delay.

my back story
I got gangbanged as a whore
I read you how I chuckle with four men during the day. On that day all four of them had opened my pussy and ass completely.
I was feeling very tired.

Still, somehow I leave the place and first inspect the factory once and then come back to my home . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . which to It was then around 6 o’clock, my son had gone to tuition.

As soon as she entered the house, she went to her room, closed the door and took off all her clothes and dropped them on the ground; She entered the bathroom naked.

He turned on the geyser and heated the water and then stood under the shower. As soon as the hot water shower fell on my body, I felt relaxed.
I took a bath for half an hour. Because of that hot water, my pussy and ass also became sore.

When I left the bathroom, I put on a maxi and lay on the bed.

Then I didn’t know when I fell asleep.

My son woke me up. It was then about half past eight.
He asked – what happened mom? You never sleep at this time?
Me- Yes son, today there was a lot of work, so I was getting tired. So it was sleep.

Now she could not tell it that the four men have created fatigue by licking her mother’s ass and buttocks. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Then he said – Mom, if you feel such tiredness, then you should not go for swimming. There is no swimming club near my school. I also have his entry pass, you can also enter with him.
Me- well! Then only tomorrow I will go for swimming. Will you also go along?
My son- No mom, tomorrow there is an exam in tuition, I can’t walk.
Me – ok, it doesn’t matter.

Then he went to his room.
I went to the kitchen and started cooking.

We ate dinner together. While having dinner, my son gave me the entry pass of the swimming club.

The next day I left to go to the factory, so I kept an entry pass and a bikini in my handbag so that I could go for simple swimming after leaving the factory.

When I reached the factory, a lot of work was waiting for me.

First, while inspecting the factory, all the workers were explained their work today. When she went to her cabin, the work of four files was incomplete; Completed them and had to get Puran’s sign on them, so I left for the main office to meet him.

Main office is about 20 minutes away from the factory.
There is no one to stop me, everyone knows that I am the supervisor of Puran’s factory and his special too.

I entered Puran’s cabin straight away.

Pooran was happy to see me but I was very serious then.
I slammed all the four files in front of him and said – sign on them!

She said- what’s the matter? Looking very serious.
I am going crazy, till date I have not done so much work in my life!

Puran- Oh then why are you getting angry. Tell me to give you a helper?
Me – I don’t need him now. Just got upset while preparing this file. Now you sign them so I can go back.
Pooran – What’s so soon? Have a cup of tea, then leave.

He spoke for tea and started reading the files one by one and started signing.

After a while the tea arrived.

Puran signed all the files and started talking to me.

In conversation, he said – I forgot to tell you. Your new boss is coming.
Me- new boss? meaning?

Pooran- Yes, my cousin is coming. from Dubai. He has invested money in my business and now he has become my business partner. So from now on he will see half the factory and half me. He has also got the care of your factory.

I said sensually – so now I have to please my new boss like you?
Puran also teased and said – Now if you want to keep him happy with your own will, then you can keep it.

We both laughed at this.
Then I asked – when are they coming?
Puran – after two days. Earlier he lived here, had gone to Dubai for some work.

When things ended, I took off from Puran and went back to the factory and started working.

After finishing all the work at 5.30 pm, I left. From there it went straight to the swimming club.
At the reception I showed my entry pass and I went inside.

There were two or three couples inside and some ladies. All the women were in bikinis.

I also went to the changing room and put on a bikini and got down in the pool.
I know swimming, so as soon as I got into the pool, I started swimming by enjoying the water.

On the first day, I stayed in the swimming club for about an hour. I had great fun The complete exhaustion of the body was gone.

After that I started going there everyday.

Two days later, Puran called me and told me that my new boss i.e. his brother has come and he is understanding all the work of the office now . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . After a few days he will introduce me to him.

Then two more days passed. For these five days, I went to the swimming club in the evening and kept away from my exhaustion by swimming in the pool.

On the sixth day I was under tremendous work pressure. I had to go round the factory for the whole day.
The work was so heavy that I had to leave half an hour late. I am very tired.

I reached the swimming club around 6.15 pm.
There was no one at the reception then, usually there was a girl who knew me.

Now it was a daily thing for me to go there, so I quietly went inside because the entry was nearby with me.

When I got inside, I could not see anyone around the pool. No couple, no women.

I was very tired from running in the factory, so I hurriedly went to the changing room and put on a bikini.

I wore a red bikini in which I looked very sexy and sensual. In the bikini, the valley of my breast was completely visible, which would make any man’s cock stand up. Also, in this bikini, my panties were able to cover less than half of my butts.

Wearing a bikini, I went straight to the pool. At first I swam for some time and then I lay down balancing in the water itself.

After being in the water for about twenty minutes, I started coming out of the pool.

That’s when I remembered that Puran is going to come to my house tonight and we are going to spend the night together.
‘I’ll change clothes quickly and leave.’ I said in my mind.

Actually my son had gone to the tournament with the school’s basketball team for three days and when I told this to Puran, he insisted on spending the night with me and I could not refuse him.

When I got out of the pool, there was a mirror there. When I saw him, I started admiring myself in him.

I started saying in my mind – how much I am looking good in this bikini. I will wear it in front of Pooran also. He will get injured on seeing me in this form and will fall on me.

I then started getting a little hot looking at my own body, why wouldn’t it be, now then I had a habit of taking cocks and in the last five days I did not take a single cock in my pussy or ass .

In my mind, I said again – Mmm… I wish I could find a young man here now, so both of them can enjoy the water together. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . have

Thinking about it, I lay down there on the swimming bed.

Out of excitement, I was saying in my mind – ahhh… I am getting excited… I wish some hard cock could enter my pussy now!

As I told you there was no one there then, I was all alone.

Due to no one around, my hand started moving on my nipples with excitement and I started pressing them getting excited.
Getting excited, I started thinking that when Pooran would see me in this bikini at night, how would he slap me and fuck my ass and pussy.

I was pressing my teat with one hand. And then thinking all this, my other hand reached over my pussy.

For the first time, the pussy was caressing from the top of the panties.

I was saying in my mind – ahhhh… I don’t know why I am getting so excited today. My pussy is also completely wet. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

Thinking of this, I removed my panties from the top of the pussy and started running my finger on it.

Within no time my finger was inside my pussy and I started masturbating.

While doing this, it must have been about two minutes for me that a voice came from far away – I’m sorry! I think you shouldn’t be here at this time. I have booked this place for myself for this evening.

I shuddered as soon as I heard the sound. Removing my hand from the pussy, I put the panties up and then turned to see who it is.

I saw a 26-27 year old young man standing near the gate. He was wearing only shorts as he always wears while swimming. Strong body and handsome face.

I stood up looking at him in a hurry.

I was wearing a bra but still my hands automatically went over my nipples in shame.

He stood in front of me looking at me.

I said- ohhh… I didn’t even know about your arrival! I was just about to leave.
Then I started thinking in my mind – I hope this has not seen me finger in the pussy.

While thinking, I picked up the towel lying on that bed and started covering myself from the front.

He started saying – but you can stay here if you want. Why would I feel bad with a beautiful woman?
I said thank you! how good are you

He said- my name is Ramesh. I definitely come here once a week. Do you also come here regularly?
Me- My name is Lata. I was tired because of work, so I came here to remove the tiredness.

He kept listening to me and then kept silent for a while.

Then he broke the silence and said – Would you like to get oil massage? I do well This will give you relief.

I thought- hmm…that’s pretty… give her a chance.
Thinking I told him – well… if you are stubborn then…

Saying this I removed the towel from my body. Now I was standing in front of him in a red bikini and he was looking at me.

But then I started feeling ashamed in front of him.
I said – I am ashamed of this bikini in front of you.

Ramesh said – do not panic! There’s no one around here… you can count on me.

When he assured me, I lay on my stomach on the swimming bed without any panic.

My bare back and raised ass were in front of him.

While lying down, I said – you can start from the waist.

Ramesh put his hand on my back and started pressing on my back.
Pressing his back, he said – Lata ji, you will have the best experience with me.

He brought the vial of oil and started massaging by applying some oil on my back around my waist.
He was pressing on my back, it made me feel good. His hands walking on my back were taking away my tiredness.

After sometime she said – your skin is very good… my hands feel good.

I said – you are embarrassing me. It’s not that good either.

After pressing my back for some more time, she put one hand on my bare bum and said – your bikini is very nice. It looks very stimulating on your body.

On this matter, I thought in my mind – it has been on my praise for everything. Looks like death is on me.

After saying his words, he also put his other hand on my bum and started mashing my bum with both hands.

It took him almost more than three minutes to chug my butts.
Then I started saying in my mind – this has been mashing my butts for a long time. Looks like it’s starting to take pleasure in my body.

When he did not remove his hands from my bum, I turned and started lying straight.
Now I lay down on my back and raised my face a little and said – Hey, apply all the oil on my waist, save it for the front part as well.

Then he applied oil on my waist in front and started massaging. After massaging the waist for about five-seven minutes, he stopped.

By then I was too excited by the touch of his hands. And frankly, out of excitement, I even started dreaming of his cock.

Friends, how do you like my chut story?

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