Indian X Mother Sex Story

Read in Indian X mother sex story that after the death of Abbu, my mother had to sell her body and run the house. When I used to watch Ammi’s chudai…

Hi friends, I come regularly on free sex story and enjoy reading this sex story. I thought why not write my true incident in the form of a sex story and share it with you. That’s why today I have brought my Indian X mother sex story in front of you all.

I have had a story before this: My mother took money for pussy chudai

First let me give information about myself.

Friends, I am Aslam. We are 4 members in my house. Me, my sister, my mother and my father. My sister’s name is Nasreen and my mother’s name is Yasmin.

This sex story is from the time when I was on the threshold of youth and my father died in time of heart surgery.

After the death of Abbu, the condition of our house had become critical. At that time my mother was a very cool sexy lady. My sister was 19 years old Kanta Mal. My mother’s figure was 36-32-38 and my sister’s figure was 30-26-32. I used to study in school.

After the departure of Abbu, my mother used to do the work of sewing clothes. But nothing much was available in sewing work. Even the expenses of the house could not be met.

At that time there lived a very big money man named Ronki in our settlement and he also used to give money on interest. My mother started taking money from him on interest. With the money for him, the house started running well. But interest was also rising. Seeing this, there was a lot of interest. The matter of paying the principal was a far cry.

Now Ronki Seth had stopped giving money to my mother on interest as well. He used to come to our house to take interest of his money and threaten. But my mother could not pay the interest money… so she used to keep silent after hearing her words.

Then one day my mother met our neighbor Reshma Aunty and after narrating her ordeal to her, she said – how to return the interest money to Raunki … I do not understand anything. Now he has started making threats.

Reshma aunty said- Look Yasmin, you do one thing…Trap Raunki with your sexy body. He will forgive your debt, because I have done the same to him.
My mother was shocked to hear from the neighbor aunt Reshma and said – what are you saying Reshma… is he such a man?
Reshma Aunty laughed and said – You see his eyes, then tell what kind of man he is.

Ammi, pointing to her nipples, said – Yes, he keeps smoking cigarettes while looking at me. But I could not understand his habit. Now how do I do all this to him?
Then Reshma Aunty said – Look, Raunki is a fond man, now you should make him cool … or return his money.

My mother understood what to do. In the evening he told me – go tell Raunki Seth that Ammi is calling.

That day my mother had done big make-up etc. and she was looking a little too sexy.

I told Ronki Seth that Uncle is calling you my mother.
He said yes to come.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Raunki Seth came to our house and as soon as she came, she saw Ammi and talked to her why she was called.
Ammi made him sit and said- Seth ji, I had made mutton for you, so thought I should feed you too.

My mother was not wearing a dupatta in front of Raunki Seth. His nipples were clearly visible from his big neck suit. Ammi bowed down in front of Raunki Seth and adored him.

When he started caressing the cock, Ammi saw him and pressed his lips and hit his eyes.

Then Raunki Seth gave me one thousand rupees and said – O lounde… go get a blender bottle of whiskey.
I could not understand where it is found. When I asked, he told me everything and sent it. I ran away and got a bottle of liquor on contract.

When I came home, Raunki Seth was sitting on the cot and my mother had placed mutton in a plate in front of him. When I came, Ammi took the bottle and made a peg in the glass and started feeding it with her hand.

He also started drinking liquor by sticking my mother to his chest.
I understood that Ammi has set it.

Then my mother told me – Aslam, you go out, come later.
I went out, but started watching Ammi’s actions from the window.

Ammi was telling him – I will not be able to give you money, in return whenever you want, come to me and have fun… and keep helping me with money.
Ronki Seth agreed to Ammi.

After some time my mother also started drinking alcohol and got naked with Ronki. Raunki Seth kissed my mother and left.

Since then it started going like this again and again. All this went on for almost a year.

Now both my mother and my sister started kissing Raunki Seth. There was no shortage of money in our house. There were many resources. TV fridge and AC were also installed. Ammi’s room had become very luxurious, where Raunki started taking care of my mother and my sister together.

One year I did not know how many times I had become hot after seeing all of them secretly. Now I also wanted that I should also kiss my mother and sister. But I could not understand how all this would happen. I used to see all three of them having sex and used to fist their names.

One day I picked up my mommy’s bra and my sister’s panties and started licking them. After some time my semen came out and the bra panties of both of them got dirty. I did not pay attention.

This started happening everyday. The bra panties of both of them used to get dirty from my mouth.

Then one day my mother saw me chugging and said – Aslam, what are you doing?
Then I said angrily – Ammi, now I have grown up … and I know everything about what you do with gusto.

Hearing this, my mother was shocked and said – Aslam, you have grown up, but if you kiss like this, then you will become impotent. Don’t fist the cock… you put it in the pussy
On hearing this, I suppressed my mother’s mother and said – yes, today I put cocks in your own pussy. Give me your pussy

My mother laughed and said – well, I will have sex with you tonight … and from now on you will not call me Ammi, only Yasmin.
I said – okay Yasmin Darling.

Then I waited for the night to come. Me sister and Ammi had dinner and my sister went to Ammi’s room.

Now my mother and I were in my room. My mother wore a red suit. She had become like a bride.

When I saw Ammi, she said – Aslam, you are my husband from today. I am your wife.
Hearing this, I quickly took off my clothes and got naked in front of Ammi.

I said to my mother Yasmin – come, let me fuck you today.
And I started pressing my mother’s mother.

My mother Yasmin started making a sound of ‘Ah ooooh…’.

I took off all his clothes and looking at his naked youth said – ah darling… what a great momme hai tere.
Pointing to me, Ammi said – If you are cool, then suck it up!

I started drinking my mother’s milk. Really friends, my mother’s mother was very juicy. He had chocolates on his nipples.
When I sucked, I felt very tasty milk. I was cutting my mother’s nipples.

For a few minutes I kept sucking on Ammi’s mother. Then Ammi made me lie down straight and started moving my cock.

After a minute, Ammi took the cock in her mouth and started sucking.
My mother had learned to suck cock like a rand while taking a cock from Raunki Seth.

Ammi sucked my cock, then my cock stood up and became 7 inches.
Then my mother put some cream on my cock.

When I asked, I said – for the first time the pussy will be sucked, so the cock should not suffer

My mother lay down straight and I set my cock on the pussy and trapped it in the clefts and started putting the betel nut inside out.

Ammi became hot and said – will the mother be put inside too or will she keep rubbing like this?
I felt tempted and I immediately insisted on the cock and in one stroke the whole cock was inserted inside.

My mother cried – ah died ah sighs slowly. Will the pussy tear?
I said- Sister-in-law Yasmin Rand… Bhain Ki Lauri… She takes full of Raunki inside, then doesn’t say anything and is talking about bursting my cock.

I started abusing my mother and started banging her loudly.

My mother was being ‘Aa ah oops..’.
When the sound of the chudai got louder, my sister’s eyes opened and she entered my room. The door was left open.

In the room, I climbed on top of my mother and was fucking her. My cock was getting pushed inside and outside in Ammi’s pussy.

Seeing this sight, my sister said to Ammi- Sister-in-law… the lonely young bitch enjoying the cock… I didn’t remember…

Seeing her, I said – from today this is my wife.
My sister said – good Bhosdi ke… so I became your daughter.
Then I said – no, you will become his sister. Meaning you are my second wife and I have become the husband of both of you.

My sister was in the front opening maxi at that time. She untied her maxi lanyard and her bra and panties were visible.

I told her while churning Ammi’s pussy – come on Nasreen Biwi, you take off your maxi and come.

I continued to lick Ammi’s pussy and the armpit started sucking my sister Nasreen’s mother, who had come naked.

After kissing Ammi’s pussy for a few minutes, I left the water of the cock in Ammi’s pussy.

Then I lay down on the bed and said to both of them – both of you suck my cock and shake it.

Both of them started sucking cocks. In some 5 minutes, the cock was erect again. Now I put my cock in my sister Nasreen’s ass and started gossiping.

Hit the sister’s ass for more than twenty minutes and broke out in it.

In that whole night, I kissed 4 times, once kicked Ammi’s ass and once kissed my sister Nasreen’s pussy. After the fuck, we were all tired, so after pulling each peg of whiskey, all three of us fell asleep.

Now the day would be bright and in the night I would fuck both of them.

Then one day Raunki Seth had an accident and during the treatment, Raunki died. While leaving, he had given a lot of money to my mother. We all had no shortage of money now.

Marrying Nasreen meant that we would have ended our wealth, so all three of us decided to live together and left the house from there and started living elsewhere.

Now I feed my sister and mother and keep both of them as my wife.

If all three of us needed other cocks and money, then I would call high class customers for both of them and get them both fucked.

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