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Read the story in Free Chudai that I was a security guard in a new apartment building. In that, a madam used to get girls to do business of sexual intercourse. If I came to know…

Hi friends, I am your friend Aslam with another sex story. This free chudai story is based on my true chudai incident.

My back story was: Pink pussy of factory worker and his sister niece

I got the job of security guard. Where I got this job of protecting, it was just a new 12 floor building. Till now no one had come to live in it.

The builder sold this building to the chairman of the adjacent building and the chairman got the keys of all the 12 floor flats of the building kept in my security cabin so that if any customer comes, he can show him the flat.

Similarly, it had been 2 months till now for my duty but no one had come to stay.
I started living there and started working for my boss.

Then one day some Anisha madam made a deal for four flats on the 12th floor, which means now the entire 12th floor was bought by Anisha madam.

After this deal, one more task of mine had increased and that work was to turn on the pump for water in the building’s tank and fill the water on time.

This work was also done by the security guard, while this work is done by the maintenance person of the building.
But just there there was a lonely man who was ‘Peer, Chef, Bhishti, Khar.’ Was playing the role of Adi.
Meaning I was given the responsibility for every work of the building.

After a few days, the work of making furniture started at Anisha Madam, which lasted for about a month.

When the house was ready, Anisha madam started living in the house.

From 9 o’clock in the morning 7-8 girls and women started coming to his house. They all used to leave at 7 pm. Many boys and men used to come and go throughout the day.
Since I was a security guard, I had to enter the entry of every visitor who enters the building.
Yes, now there was such a difference that my duty was left only for the security guard.

One day a man came. He asked me- Man have to go to Anisha ma’am, which floor is it?

I told him… so he stayed near me for a while and started smoking cigarettes.

I asked her some questions- why do you have to go to Anisha ma’am?
He said – I have some work.

After talking to him for some time, the question of my mind came out in front of him.

I asked him – so many people come and go. What is this Anisha madam doing?
The man said – man you are the security guard of this building, you do not know what work is done?

I said – hey man, I do not know, if I had known, why would I have asked you.
The man said – business runs in his house.

I asked what kind of business?
He said – the business of randibaazi.

I thought this man was joking.

I asked in surprise – why do you lie, man… if you don’t want to tell then don’t tell.
On this the man said – Hey man, why would I lie. With so many girls and women, do men come to kill their ass with rags and cooked men.

Saying this the man went towards the building.

Now I thought that if this is the right thing, then I will also pay Anisha ma’am and her randis.

At 7 o’clock in the evening all the girls left one by one and I came to Anisha madam’s floor by locking the gate of the building at around 9 o’clock.

After I rang the bell, Anisha madam opened the door.

Anisha madam was wearing a blue sari at that time. From her deep-neck blouse, her pouty nipples were visible more than halfway through.

I started staring at her nipples.

Seeing me, Madam said – Hey you are a security guard, what happened, how did you come?
I said looking at his nipples – you run a business here, I will complain about this.

Hearing me, Anisha madam was immediately frightened and said – what are you talking about? Nothing like this happens here. Who told you?
I reprimanded her raised nipples and said – I have come to know everything, madam … I will not lie.

Maybe Anisha madam had misunderstood my eyes and she was also terrified of my threats.

But the sister-in-law was a complete nerd, so she said while patting me – look, you do not speak this thing to anyone nor say anything to the chairman. Otherwise I will have to vacate this place. At present, I feel this place is fine because no one lives here and the building is also new. Don’t worry, I will keep you happy in every way.

After listening to him, I said – okay, but how will you keep me happy and what will I get?
Then Anisha madam said – I will give you money too.

I said – money is fine, but I have to pay for the goods too. I live here alone. I have 24 hours duty. I am unable to go to the village due to duty. I feel very tempted.
Saying this I started caressing the cock.

Anisha madam understood that I want free chudai. She said – okay. Tell me on the phone tomorrow which item you like. I’ll stop him and you come here after my call.

I agreed with Anisha ma’am.

By the way, today I wanted to climb over Anisha madam. But the maidens who came to her place also liked me more.
So I thought that tomorrow I will quench the hunger of the cock by first choking a few, then this Anisha, then I will slam my mother’s pussy… whenever I want.

I went to my cabin and slept while waiting for the next day.

Now the next day the girls came and I started seeing them. By the way, all the shocks were goods. But I liked a wilting milk fantiya.

I told Anisha madam on the phone that I want a lady with red T-shirt jeans under me today.
Madam said – OK.

I waited for the night to come and in the evening at my appointed time, everyone left the girl one by one.

Anisha madam’s phone rang as soon as 9 o’clock after all of them left.
I came to his room.

Looking at me Anisha said madam – come… let’s go.

Madam gave voice to that girl and said to her – Rehana, you make her happy today. This is our overnight guest.

After telling Rehana, she asked me to go inside the room.

I went to that room.

After coming to my room, Rehana came. She will be a girl of about twenty years.
She sat next to me.

I slid to him and started kissing him.
She was also giving me a kiss.

Then both of us took off the clothes and I opened her legs and started licking her salty pussy.
My long cock started snickering all of a sudden.

When Rehana saw my naughty cock, she became happy.
When I gestured to him, he held my cock in his hand.

For some time he sucked my cock and said – come on go on top of me.

Hearing his slang-like language, I got hot and climbed on top of him to fuck free.
My cock started to rub against his pud.

He set the lode on the chute with his hand and lifted the ass. Here I also pushed the cock, then my fat cock entered the pussy of that rand.

With a slight sigh, she said slowly, you are very big.
I said – why have you not taken such a big cock till now?

She said – Only one equal to you had come and that too had climbed a long time ago.
I said- now whenever you feel like, my cock will be present for your pussy.

She became happy.

That’s when I gave full cock to the depth of his pussy and started to fuck vigorously.

She was enjoying pussy-fucking with both her legs raised in the air. I was sucking his milk and jerking his pussy like a bosom.
She was just enjoying sex with Sisiya.

I asked him- how many cocks did he eat today?
She said – today you are the third. Brother-in-law was the lads of college. Bhain’s lads… left in a whirlwind… I could not even tread my pussy. That’s why I’m enjoying your part.

After listening to him, I started thrashing him.
After a long time, Rehana fell and I also left.

Although I was not enjoying so much with Rehana’s loose mommies, the sister-in-law’s clothes were very cool. But his milk was loose.

The free chudai program ended early. She stepped out from under me and went to the bathroom and I came out wrapping the bed sheet.

Anisha madam looking at my bare chest said with lust – why did it happen… that was all I had to enjoy. You didn’t or he didn’t.
I said – no, there is nothing like that. I didn’t like her loose momma.
Anisha madam said- Come on, take a second look tomorrow.

I saw Anisha madam’s milk and smiled.
She didn’t say anything.

So I also came down wearing my clothes.

The next day I called Anisha madam and said – today you can stop or call someone of my age.

Anisha madam said on this – OK, I understand. You come in the night

At around 8 pm, Anisha came downstairs to the cabin and said to me – I am going out. Yasmin is in the room upstairs, go. I have come after telling him that you will come.

I closed the compound gate of the building at 9 o’clock and came to Anisha madam’s flat.
When I saw Yasmin was a full bloke of about 35 years. His figure must have been 36-34-38.

I went to the room and said- Anisha madam had asked me to come.
Yasmin said- Yes I know. Let’s go inside the room, I will come.

I went to the room and started waiting for Yasmin to come. She came a minute later.

I made her sit by the side and started kissing.
Yasmin also started kissing.

Kissing for ten minutes, then I asked Yasmin – how long have you been in this business?
Yasmin said while shaking my cock – for two years.

I said – why do you?
She said – I am a widow, I have two children. I do this work to run the house.
I said – would have married another.
He said – who will do it, I have two children and I am from a poor house. The family members could hardly get married once.

I said – if I marry you, will she?
Yasmin said looking at me – you will be married.

I said – see my wife is in the village and she does not even enjoy me, the family members did it. I live here, you will get a cock and your support too.
She said – I have two children.

I said – then they too will get the father.
She said- Anisha madam?

I said – don’t worry about that harlot. You just marry me, after that I will see everything.
She said – let me see your breath first.

I said – I have the guts to blow the rags of your pussy.
She laughed.

After this she started shaking my cock in her hand. I was mashing his momma. I was also beating his mother with a very hard hand.

I said – really your mother is very cool, Yasmin! Yesterday’s mother-in-law was from rotten mangoes.
She laughed.

I started sucking both of his nipples in turn.

I asked him- how old are your children?
She said – both are daughters. In no time they too will become young.

I asked- So will you bring both of them into business?
Yasmin quote – There is a lot of money for breaking the seal. I will bring them into this business. If money will be made in a year or so, then I will think ahead.
I said – okay.

I took out the cock and asked him – how is my cock?
Yasmin said- Very cool and big… I have liked your big cock.

She started sucking my cock. I was putting my finger in Yasmin’s pussy.

Then after 15 minutes we came to 69. Yasmin was sucking my lauda and I was licking her pussy.

After sometime we both quarreled once.

After this I lit a cigarette, then Yasmin took the cigarette from my hand and gave it to me after taking two puffs.

I told him – now the number of chudai has come.
She said while rubbing her chute – yes, now climb up.

I said to Yasmin – let’s shake and suck a little first.
He erected the cock in two minutes.

I made Yasmin lie down straight and widened both her legs and gave cock in her pussy.

Yasmin- Aa ah… died… your body is very big ah… slowly pale.

She was screaming and I was shouting loudly at Yasmin.

After about 20 minutes, the water of my cock came out in Yasmin’s pussy and fell on her.

After the kiss, we both lay down and started talking.

Yasmin was very happy with my sex.

That night I enjoyed Yasmin’s free chudai 5 times and slept there.

When Anisha came back the next day, I talked to her about marriage with Yasmin.

Anisha madam was not agreeing.

I said- Look, if I marry Yasmin, then you will only benefit.
Anisha said – how is that?

I said – he has 2 daughters and both of them will work for you.
Then Anisha said – it is right… brother you are a big rookie.

She agreed and I married Yasmin. Now I pail Yasmin’s chut everyday and I also had my eyes on Yasmin’s two young daughters.
After becoming randi, as soon as I get a chance for a few days, I will also chud the chut of both of them.

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