Desi Randi Sex Story – Eradicate poverty by making sister a randi

Read in Desi Randi Sex Story that my sister started kissing with money, so I thought of making her a big and expensive randi. How was my sister fucked in front of me?

Hello friends, I Aditya Roy was telling you the story of my sister becoming a randi.
Desi Mort Sex Story First Part
The secret of my sister’s blooming youth
I told how after the passing of my parents, there was a shortage of money in our house and during this time my sister secretly started the business of sex.

Then I came to know then I also fucked him. After that I made his deal with my friend and we got ready and reached his room.

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I put the wine in the glass and started drinking. Sonu has gone somewhere. Now we were waiting to see what is going to happen next.
I was astonished that Sonu would make all such arrangements and fuck my sister!

Komal was watching a movie of chudai on TV in which 5-6 boys were fucking a girl.
She said- Brother, do girls get kissed like this too? Do I have to kiss like that too?

I said – I don’t know. Might even have to kiss. If Sonu asks you to kiss like this, then ask him for more money. He is a millionaire.

Komal – then how much money should I ask?
Me- You should ask him for 5 lakhs.

Then we both started watching TV.
It was very hot while watching Komal porn movie.

It has been almost an hour since Sonu left. But he hasn’t come yet.

The area around my sister’s pussy became wet after watching the video of the fuck.
Komal said- Brother, my pussy is flowing. Now I have to kiss.
I said – Sonu must have come.

My cock was also full.

Sonu came again around 10 o’clock. There were 4 more boys with him.
All of them were between 25 and 30 years old. Everyone was just like a wrestler. He didn’t seem to belong to his country. All were bodybuilders.

As soon as he came, Sonu told him – you had asked the girl for the deal. Take it, the girl is here.
My sister came and hid after me pretending to be scared.

I said to Sonu – what is all this? You had said that you will fuck, these are 4-5.
He said- Look brother, now you don’t stand in the middle. My deal will be ruined. I will lose millions.

Then I pointed to Komal and said that it will tell whether she has to kiss so many men or not.
Komal was smitten. He did yes. But she started saying that I will take 5 lakhs.

Sonu said – I cannot give that much. I can give only 2 lakhs.
Then Komal agreed.

After that Komal was given medicine so that she would not fall early and all of them also ate the medicine so that their cocks would not fall too soon. Sonu also took medicine.

Then a man picked up Komal like a doll and threw her on the table.
When I started going out, Sonu said – I have nowhere to go. Stay here and watch your sister fuck.
I said – okay.
Then I sat down.

After a while all four became naked. Everyone’s cock was standing. Everyone’s cock was very long and thick. Was anything larger than 8 inches and not less than 3 inches thick. Everyone’s cock was black.

My sister was scared seeing everyone’s cock.
Sonu saw Komal scared and said that do not be afraid, once you take it, then you will get the pleasure of paradise.
The four boys said to Sonu – you also come.

So now Sonu also got naked. Sonu’s cock was not less. His cock was also 8 inches long and more than 2.5 inches thick.

Komal’s dress was so provocative that everyone’s cocks started hissing. The pearl on her pussy was making her very sensual.

After that Komal was put on his knees and the first man held his 9 inches long and more than 3 inches thick cock in Komal’s hand.
Komal was unable to hold his cock in one hand.

Then the first man said – dear… my weapon will not come in one hand, so hold it with both hands.
Then everyone started laughing gleefully.

Komal grabbed the cock with both hands as if holding a thick bamboo.

Then the first man said – suck it!
She started licking the cap of the cock with her soft tongue and started making cool sounds – umm… aye… ahhh.

For about 15 minutes, she kept licking the whole cock with her tongue and also the egg.

After that she gave it in the mouth and she started sucking from the mouth.

In this way, Komal sucked everyone’s cocks for about an hour.
She kept on sucking by changing all the cocks.

Then one man held her hand and the other took her leg, lifted her and made her sit on the table.
Komal’s head came out of the table in front and her ass was also out of the table from behind.

The part from his nipples to his stomach was on the table. The leggings she was wearing were torn from the place of her pussy and ass. Then broke his thread panties and threw them.

Now one boy put a cock in his mouth and the other put it in his pussy from behind.
He started choking her as soon as she was standing.

The third man held his cock in Komal’s hand and started pressing her boobs.

The fourth man gave his cock in the other hand of Komal and said – caress the cock.
He started kissing her again.

Now Sonu is saved.

He folded Komal’s leg up in a U shape and tied it to the rope which was hanging from the ceiling. Now Sonu could climb on the table and fuck her pussy.

Now the man who was choking Komal’s pussy, Sonu asked him to chud his ass and himself started choking his pussy. Now Komal had a cock in both hands, one in the mouth, one in the pussy and one in the ass.

Everyone was going to fuck my sister in front of my eyes and was abusing filthy filthy abuses.

Everyone started talking – Randi’s girl, today we will tear your pussy. Your ass, your mouth will tear it all by choking it all. Your randi mother would also kiss like this. The videos that you are making of your chudai will also be put on the net. This will let everyone know that you are a randi.

When I looked around, the cameras were on. Live chudai was also being recorded. All of them were taking turns and beating his pussy by swapping. The cock inserted in Komal’s mouth was clearly visible till her throat.

It had been a quarter of an hour since his fuck was going on. I was sitting there caressing the cock. In the meantime I had drawn water once.
Sonu said – why brother-in-law? Will you become a sister-in-law who is chugging his sister when she sees him kissing?

I didn’t say anything to him.
Then he said- Come you too, I will give fifty thousand to you too. Give it a fuck.

I immediately got naked and Sonu asked me to take medicine too.

Now I too was in the field. Everyone was abusing me sister-in-law.

A big rope was brought and the boobs of Komal’s 36 were tied tightly. He was tied up with his feet next to the boobs. Then a man lay down.

Two men picked up Komal and put it on the man’s cock lying down. His cock entered Komal’s ass.
Sonu told me – now you also put a cock in his ass.

I was excited too. That’s why I also thrust my cock into my sister’s ass. She kept moving her neck but could not move because the cock was stuck in her throat.

Now two cocks were stuck in Komal’s ass. His face had turned red and everyone was laughing seeing him.

My sister’s ass was torn. But I was also enjoying seeing my randi sister kissing like this.

Now Sonu put a cock in her pussy. Everyone started kissing Komal.
Sometimes I also started choking in his ass and sometimes in pussy.

Two men were pulling Komal’s rope tied boobs. Komal was caressing the cocks of both of them with both hands.

A man was kissing Komal’s mouth. The sound of fluff was coming from Komal’s mouth.

Another half an hour passed. Now everyone was about to fall.
Sonu said – Everyone has to fight in this bottle.
Then everyone took turns taking out their semen in the bottle. I also took out semen in the bottle itself.

Then Sonu put a rubber cock in Komal’s pussy and started fucking her. He kept on fucking her with that dildo until Komal fell out. Then opened Komal’s feet. But the boobs were still tied.

She stood up and started asking for water. He was thirsty.
Sonu held a bottle of semen in his hand and said – drink it Randi, this is nectar. You will be immortal

When Komal started refusing to drink, Sonu forced her to drink semen.
Sonu said – why Randi… had fun?
Komal Bid – Yes it was very fun.

Then Sonu said – Would you like to have the same fun every Sunday? I have all foreign clients. I need a girl for a deal.
Komal Bid – Yes it is fine. I’m ready But I will take five lakhs every time.

Sonu said- OK, then this my guest house is now yours. You two stay here now. There is forest all around here and no one even comes. You can also earn money from your sex videos.
I will send a man and he will also put your kissing videos on the net. From now on you will wear similar clothes. Or you can stay naked.
Gentle quote – ok.

After that I said – I have started urinating, I will do it.
Then everyone also said – we have also got it.
Sonu said – Come on, Randi, come to the bathroom. We will all pee in your mouth.

Everyone came to the bathroom. There were cameras there too. Then asked Komal to sit with her mouth open upwards. Then everyone started peeing together. Komal started drinking everyone’s urine.

Completely bathed in soft urine. Then when I saw the time, it was 3.30. After coming to the room, everyone started talking about sleeping naked. Komal was told to sleep on all of us.

Sonu called Komal to him. Every 9-9 inch dildo was inserted in her pussy and ass. He was told that it has to be removed only when peeing, kissing or getting up.
Gentle quote – OK.

After kissing so much, when the dildo was given again in Komal’s pussy and ass, she was walking with her legs spread. Komal’s ass also looked big and her boobs were swollen as well.

We all lay down again and Komal lay on top of us. We all fell asleep. Waking up in the morning, Komal took out the dildo and she went to the bathroom. Then she came fresh and told me to put the dildo in my ass and pussy again.

Everyone was there and everyone started laughing at this.
He said – yes sister, put it in your sister’s pussy and ass.
Then I put those dildos in Komal’s pussy and ass.

Sonu said- Today I will send the doctor so that he can sterilize it. After that she will become Cupid of Chudai.
I said – okay.

After that they all left. Me and Komal remained there. Komal was now walking around naked with a dildo in her pussy and ass. She was walking with her legs spread like a scoundrel.

Around 2 o’clock two doctors came, all the doctors were men.

Then when I saw Komal and said that why are you naked and what is in this pussy and ass? Then Komal told the whole thing.
He took Komal to a room and called me too.

There was also a camera.
The doctor said – Sonu ji, he has not given me the money for the operation and has said that instead of money, he has to kill his pussy and ass.
I said – okay, first fuck. Then do the operation.

After that both the doctors together started fucking the sister. My sister’s chudai lasted for half an hour.

I was also in front and the doctor was fucking my sister in front of me.

After chodana, he was fresh and then operated on my sister. It was sealed.
The doctor went by refusing to chud for a month.

Then after a month, Komal got ready for sex.

Now she started kissing every Sunday. Sometimes with 3 ladies and sometimes with 4 ladies. Sometimes 8 cocks used to fuck him together.

In this way both of us siblings became millionaires.

After that, when there was a lot of money, both of us got married and we started living like husband and wife.

Now Komal makes randi every Sunday and stays as my wife for the rest of the day.

Friends, this was the story of my randi sister’s chudai. How do you like this desi randi sex story? Tell in your comments. Thanks friends.

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