Bar Dancer Story – Girl got a job in the gambling base

Read in the story of the bar dancer that for money I worked in a gambling liquor store. I used to dance and dance being half-naked and drink alcohol. what happened to me there?

Hi friends, you will all be well. I am once again talking to you about your :

Anjali, a new sex story bar dancer

Before proceeding further, I would like to say one thing to all of you that every sex story in infatuation is based on the actual incident. The sex story which is fictional, it is written about it in the beginning.

I do not know how many mails come in which people ask whether this incident is real or imaginary.
I want to tell all of them that whatever sex story I present to you, it is absolutely based on truth.
In a sex story, I myself become a character, so that the information of whosoever that story is… remains confidential.

In my previous story, you read that the wife of a gambler was kissed by two cocks. You all must have read that sex story. In it, Iqbal and Dheeraj were smitten by my husband’s gambling habit. After fucking me, Iqbal offered me a dance job at his gambling base.

Now the story of Bar Dancer ahead:

I got ready the next day to go to Iqbal’s base.
I wore the same clothes every day while leaving the house so that my gambler husband would not know about my new work.

My husband Ajay thought that I was going to school to teach, so he did not say anything to me.

I reached Iqbal’s base around 10 am. There were all men at the gambling base, everyone had cigarette and liquor jams in their hands.

As soon as I went inside, Iqbal asked me to go to a room. When I went to that room, I saw that there were only a few girls and women there.

Then Iqbal came inside the room and said abusing me – Mother Chod Anjali, I told you to come wearing short clothes and what saree are you wearing. No bhajan kirtan is to be held here.

I said, Iqbal, I have come out of the house lying to my husband. Seeing me in a sari, the husband understood that I had gone to school on my job. Short clothes I have brought in this bag. I am ready to change now.

On hearing this, Iqbal said – okay get ready quickly!
I nodded my head yes and started taking off my clothes.

Iqbal said to the other girls there – everyone get on with their work.

On the other hand, there was also a 55-year-old woman in the room, her name was Neelam Bai.

Iqbal said to Neelam Bai- Neelam Bai, you explain everything to all of them well and put them to work. I don’t want any shortage… Understood!
Neelam Bai nodded her head yes.

After this Iqbal went out.

Neelam Bai said to me – see Anjali… you have to leave all shame at the base here. The second thing is that you will get a separate commission for the number of drinks you give to the customer along with the dance here.
I said – I do not understand anything!

Then Neelam Bai said – Hey, as many bottles of liquor as you can sell, you will get extra cash.
I shook my head saying ok.

Then Neelam Bai said – While dancing, the customer should touch you anywhere, not to stop… Got it!
I said – I understand.
Neelam said- Come on, now get ready by wearing top and midi.

I took off the sari and put on the top and midi. Today was the first time I wore short clothes, so it felt like I was naked.

Then I came outside where everyone was gambling.
I also started dancing with other girls and started feeding them by making pegs.

When I would go near the customer with a peg, at that time someone would slap my ass, someone would press my milk, someone would caress my pussy.

The liquor from my hand goes to more and more customers and I get more commission, so I would also laugh and support the customer.

The dance time for the first day was over and when I came to the room wearing a sari, Iqbal took me to his room.

He undressed me and climbed on top of me. He chuckled at me.

I also gave him full support because on one hand I was enjoying chugging with his cock and on the other I was also earning.

Now all this had become my daily work. I would leave the house lying to my husband and come to the gambling base.

But they say that the truth does come out one day or the other.

One day I was dancing and suddenly my husband Ajay came there.
He saw me dancing.

I too was stunned to see him come but I kept on dancing because here he could not speak anything to me.

He also did not say anything to me at the base. But in the evening when I reached home, he got angry with me and started abusing me – sister-in-law motherchod tells me lies… sister-in-law goes to Chhinal base, Bhosdi ki… lies to her husband. How many does Bol sleep with?

Hearing this, my senses were blown away at first. Then I don’t know from where I got the courage.

I said to my husband Ajay – Abe saal bhadwe chutiya … what you had done, he forgot bastard … saale bhadwe hi you had lost me in gambling. When I got married for the first time with other men, then where did your husband go, mother’s Bhode Bhain’s cock dog… tell me.

Hearing this, my husband Ajay suddenly became loose and said while scolding – listen to see Anjali… forgive me… you don’t go there now, just… I will improve and work hard. You don’t go please.

I said – ok … I also do not want to go there … but what would you do, you fuckin was blind in the lust of gambling.

He persuaded me and joined my hands and feet and asked for prayers. So I also started thinking that it should be given a chance.

Then I did not go to Iqbal’s gambling base.
Now Ajay started improving again, he started driving a rental car.

Slowly the days started returning.

Here Iqbal would call me because my demand was very high at his base.
I don’t listen to him even when Iqbal threatens me.

After a few days Iqbal stopped calling me.

Now here Ajay also started keeping me happy. He used to love me and fuck me at night with great love. I also started enjoying by kissing his cock.
Our home world started becoming happy again.

A few days later, a girl was born to my husband. Our life started going happily. But it is said that no one is ahead of luck, something similar happened to me.

A year later, Ajay died in a car accident.
Now I had become Ajay’s widow. My daughter and I were left alone. Somehow I started running my house.

For a year after Ajay’s death, I did not think for any other man, did not even think of any non-man in my mind. But sex appetite is also an appetite.

I was very hot one day and was rubbing my pussy watching porn in mobile.

At the same time a link to a dating site opened on that porn site. I went to that site and started surfing it. In it I read that every type of man was available to satisfy the hunger for sex.

I made my profile and started seeing men there.

There I became friends with a boy named Naveen.
We both started chatting.

I started getting attracted to Naveen’s talk and started chatting with him everyday. Slowly my closeness to him increased and I started going crazy for him.

Now both of us started talking directly on the phone.
He came from my own city; This ignited my fire even more.

One day Naveen asked me for coffee. I said yes to him and I went to the cafe to meet him.

When I went there, I saw that Naveen was no one else, he was the same man who used to come to the gambling station.
When I used to dance at the base, I saw her coming there.
He had also seen me and he had touched me many times.

Naveen was an old man. He was about 55 or 57 years old. But he had no shortage of money.

When I met her to drink coffee, Naveen recognized me and said – Tu toh woh Anjali hai na… who used to dance at Iqbal’s base.
I said – yes … but why didn’t you put your real photo on the dating site and you didn’t tell me about yourself for so many days.

On this Naveen said- Oh man, I have become old, my age has started getting old. I don’t get any girl and my own wife has died. That’s why I entertain myself by lying to most of the dating sites.

I got angry hearing this from his mouth.

Naveen said- Look Anjali, I have money… I will bear the expenses of you and your daughter, you come with me.

After listening to him, I started thinking that he is saying this thing.
So I said – OK, I need time to think.

Then two days later I said yes to Naveen.
But I told her that if you marry me, then I will stay with you.
He consented.

I married Naveen and after marriage he took me to his house.

There was a girl there, I looked at her and said – who is this?
Naveen said – This is my daughter. From today you are his stepmother. For me you and my two daughters are there. I will never take them apart.
I too agreed with him.

The preparations for my honeymoon were done that night.
This was my second honeymoon with Naveen. Although Naveen was old, he could not kiss me properly.

Naveen’s cock was very loose. His cock could enter my pussy with great difficulty. Somehow, after inserting the cock in my pussy, he fell down by jerking two or three times.

I was disappointed… but now I have married her. The responsibility of two daughters had also come on me, one Naveen and one mine.

My marriage with Naveen like this lasted for about 7 months.
He used to erect penis after taking arousal enhancing drug and used to fuck me. I too started having fun with him now. But such drugs harm the body.

One night after kissing me, Naveen had a heart attack and died during heart surgery.
I had become a widow for the second time and now I had two daughters with me.
No relative came on Naveen’s death, so I too broke all ties.

I was thinking that Naveen has a lot of money, so now I will not have any problem. But I was forgotten.

After Naveen left Naveen’s house, the money was taken by all the banks because Naveen had taken a lot of loan. I came to know all this after his departure. Now it was again difficult for me to run the house.

After much deliberation, I again went to Iqbal’s base.
There I saw that his abode had changed. There were simple rooms. There were no gambling games, no tables etc.

When I went inside, Iqbal was sitting in a room. He recognized me immediately after seeing me.

Iqbal was happy and said – Wow, Anjali, how did you come here today after so many days?

I narrated my ordeal to him. Told her everything after my first husband Ajay left.

Iqbal said staring at me – why is Abe upset. You are still sexy. I have now left the gambling business and I rent these rooms which are there. But I have a job for you.
I said – what a job!
Iqbal said – I will tell, but first you give me fun. Today, sister-in-law has come after a long time… I don’t know how many maidens have been clothed in your remembrance, but no one like you was found.

I was also thirsty for cock. Hastily agreed. That day Iqbal fucked me 4 times in 3 hours.

Friends, I had a very strong desire to know that other work from Iqbal, for which I was stunned by his cock. I will write that in the next part of my bar dancer’s story. You must mail me.

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